Our portfolio management division comprises commercial property management, sales and leasing services and general consultancy and advisory services.


Our absolute focus, from a portfolio management perspective, is to optimise the commercial property portfolio of each client that entrusts us to do so - through strategic, experienced and stable property management. These 3 words – strategy, experience and stability - sum up to us what is fundamental to a best-in-class commercial management offering.



We see our strategic management focus both as a starting point for successful property investment (not a consequence of it) and a driver of long-term success with the key advantages revolving around - tenant satisfaction/retention and cost control. These criteria can at times be more difficult to quantify than traditional measures such as square metre rates and yields – however, in our view, they are equally if not more important.



Commercial property management is a skill best learned over time. Our team has decades of management experience dealing with major assets across Western Australia including Allendale Square, St Martins Tower, Perth Airport assets and numerous shopping centres and industrial properties.


In addition to this experience, the Tangent Property Group team has been assembled to facilitate an offering with an unrivalled breadth of skill including, architecture, law, project management and traditional property management services. This breadth of skill in combination with our flexible and bespoke approach to management services and reporting packages does, in our view, lend itself best to the management of complex portfolios held by medium to high net worth individuals and family groups however whether your commercial property portfolio consists of a single asset or multiple assets across a range of asset classes – we are certain that we can add value.



Finally, we see having a stable and consistent team providing management services as being absolutely critical both in terms of maintaining long-term tenant relationships and to maintain the organic knowledge of specific properties that can only be built up over time. Again these criteria can be difficult to quantify, but in our experience, should never be overlooked.


Complementary Services

With a view to complementing our commercial property management services and with an ultimate focus on long term portfolio optimisation, we also provide the following services:

  1. Feasibility analysis and due diligence services

  2. Asset life cycle planning and cap ex budgets

  3. Project management services

  4. Sales and leasing services

  5. External sales and leasing liaison/co-ordination (as required)

Certainly our property development division and the team’s breadth of skill allows an insight into these areas that is well beyond that of a traditional real estate agent.


Our vision is to provide more to our clients than just the traditional property management day to day service as we are always looking out for additional value creating opportunities for both landlords and tenants. The breadth of experience of the Tangent Property Group team is what puts us in a unique position to achieve this vision for our clients - to look at property management from another tangent.


As part of our property management offering, we take full responsibility for all day to day aspects of commercial property ownership including:

  • Building and Facilities Maintenance

  • Collection of Rent and other Charges

  • Lease Management/Administration

  • Arrears and Cost Management

  • Tenant Relationship Management

  • Budgeting and Management Reporting

  • Co-ordination of Leasing Agents

Commercial Property Management

Leasing & Sales

With a focus on building long term relationships through ongoing asset management services, we provide leasing and sales services to management clients and other select clients. In order to maximise opportunities for clients, we not only leverage our own networks and expertise with respect to sales and leasing requirements, however, we also maintain a network of external sales and leasing agents to collaborate with and /or refer to, if required, to deliver what we believe is the best client outcome - our absolute focus.  



To support our vision of providing a property management service that goes above and beyond the traditional, Tangent Property Group is also positioned to provide: 

  • Strategic advice regarding repositioning, acquisitions and disposals 

  • Performance/Highest and Best use analysis 

  • Long term financial forecasting 

  • General property advisory services