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Tangent Property Group has significant experience in a wide range of development projects, with project scopes ranging from design and fitouts, due diligence investigation and constraints analysis through to master planned, broadacre greenfield subdivisions.

Project Management

As part of effective management and optimisation of assets under management, Tangent Property Group is able to  assist the commercial property management function with Project Management of all capital works that are separate from the commercial management function.

We are able to effectively understand, apply and balance both the commercial realities of landlords and owners with the operational requirements of tenants to ensure a successful outcome for both parties in consideration of the focus areas of budget and schedule.

Our Project Management services include:

  • Providing Technical Due Diligence

  • Formulating the project program, analysis and management

  • Assembling a consultant team (as required)

  • Obtaining planning and other regulatory approvals

  • Structuring contracts, undertaking risk analysis and assessing funding requirements 

  • Inviting tenders and appointing contractors

  • Undertaking contract negotiations and value engineering

  • Risk management

  • Administering contracts through to practical completion and handover of premises to the landlord or tenant

The above end to end delivery of project management services always keeps as a core focus, the need to provide improved financial returns to the asset as well as to optimize tenant commitment. ​


Put simply, our focus is to ensure that all involved, from the project manager to the leasing executives and designers all work collectively and to a common vision and goal.


Development Management

For significant longer-term or high-value projects, we extend our project management services to include an overarching development management function to ensure a further level of governance and assurance as larger projects will generally require significant upfront involvement in the areas of feasibility, site/s assessment and options analysis, risk profile, understanding legal considerations, competitor analysis and ensuring these align with the client’s objectives.


Our team’s diverse technical backgrounds and practical experiences across all asset classes allow us to offer high-level strategic advice in relation to proposed projects to identify at an early stage, both opportunities and risks and align an overall strategy for the development of the asset. 


Our Development Management services include:

  • ​Compiling Project Vision and brief

  • Project feasibility analysis

  • Financial viability and sensitivity analysis

  • Stakeholder analysis

  • Project Team procurement and management

  • Legal negotiations

  • Planning applications and consultation management

  • Project design development to drive efficiencies and optimize value

  • Formulate marketing and sale or leasing strategies

  • Provide funding options

  • Property management system set up

  • Value management

  • Overall Project Risk management


Having successfully completed projects of various sizes, from large complex 2000 lot land development projects, through to designing and delivering fitout of commercial tenancies,  Tangent has a clear track record of delivering various projects across a very broad range of asset classes on time and on budget.

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Acquisition and Investment

As part of our property development offering, we continuously scour the market for opportunities with only a limited selection passing the initial due diligence phases to then be subjected to a formulated due diligence process. 


Our broad expertise across the legal, architectural, property development and property management industries provides a clear point of difference in terms of the level of sophistication and rigour that can be applied through all internal phases of due diligence.


In addition to this breadth of experience, our equally broad-reaching professional networks of agents, property professionals and high net worth groups/ individuals allow us significant exposure to both on and off market opportunities.


In facilitating and/ or providing advice at the acquisition phase of the property development process, we do not adhere to a single investment model/structure appreciating that the off the shelf property syndicates and the fees that attach do not suit everyone. We feel that maintaining this flexibility when evaluating opportunities is another key advantage to our approach to commercial property investment. 

We can assist with the acquisition phase of commercial property investment by way of formal buyer’s agency and/or asset identification and introduction services, by introducing like-minded investors to diversified investment structures, by facilitating syndicated investment offerings or by way of ad-hoc advisory/consultancy services on an as-needed basis. 


We are also acutely aware that commercial property investors come from wide-ranging backgrounds with differing levels of experience and expertise in the commercial property space. We tailor our approach to suit client requirements, meaning we can keep the process as simple as possible for first-time investors and/or clients that want minimal involvement and at the same time, we can just as easily provide customised financial and management reporting for sophisticated clients and/or complex assets that demand the same. 

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